Dying to Live 

We use the phrase I’m dying to….. all the time.  I’m dying to play golf, or I’m dying to see that new movie, or I’m dying to go on holiday.  What is it that you are dying to do?  The Christian faith is all about dying to live.  It’s a motif that runs throughout the Bible, its something that Jesus did and something he invites us to.  Discover what it means for you to die to live.

Week 1
Date: 25/03/2018
Talk: Chris Simpkins
Theme: Baptism
Week 2
Date: 01/04/2018
Talk: Chris Simpkins
Theme: Easter
Week 3
Date: 08/04/2018
Talk: Paul Valler
Theme: Peter
Week 4
Date: 15/04/2018
Talk: Roger Standing
Theme: Thomas
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Finchamstead Baptist Church
Gorse Ride North
Berkshire RG40 4ES