When we see something is free we ask ourselves ‘What’s the catch?’  If something is too good to be true the cynic in us tells us it can’t be true.  The Christian faith is all about something that sounds too good to be true.  The word we use to describe this is GRACE.  Grace is all the things that God does for us that we don’t deserve.  Grace is the ability to experience true freedom, to be proclaimed innocent even though we are guilty.  Grace gives us the ability to not be ashamed, to reject arrogance and embrace humility.  Grace allows us to Rest.  It sounds good to be true – find out what it’s all about.

Week 1
Date: 04/02/1
Theme: Innocent
Talk: Neil Bidston

Week 2
Date: 11/02/18
Theme: Innocent
Talk: Chris simpkins

Week 3
Date: 18/02/18
Theme: Unashamed
Talk: Roger Standing

Week 4
Date: 25/02/18
Theme: Fear-less
Talk: Chris Simpkins

Week 5
Date: 04/03/18
Theme: Humble
Talk: Karen Gallagher

Week 6
Date: 11/03/18
Theme: Rest
Talk: Chris Simpkins

Discussion Questions

Rest (61.9KB)
5. Humble (63.5KB)
Unashamed (78.4KB)
Courageous (61.8KB)
Innocent (63.1KB)
1. Free (70.7KB)
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