Fruitfulness on the Frontline 

Sundays, 4 - 25 October & 8 - 29 November 2015

We all have a 'frontline'!  The places where we find ourselves during the week - be it our workplace, the school gate, our homes, the gym, the supermarket.  Can God really work in us and through us as we go about our daily lives?  Fruitfulness on the Frontline is an 8 week series that will unpack how we can make a difference in the places we find ourselves in every week.  

Week 1
Date: 4 October 2015
Theme: The Big Picture
Speaker: Paul Valler
Week 2
Date: 11 October 2015
Theme: Modelling Godly Character
Speaker: Chris Simpkins

Week 3
Date: 18 October 2015
Theme: Making Good Work
Speaker: Rachel Roberts
Week 4
Date: 25 October 2015
Theme: Ministering Grace & Love
Speaker: Chris Simpkins
Week 5
Date: 8 November 2015
Theme: Moulding Culture
Speaker: Paul Valler
Week 6
Date: 15 November 2015
Theme: Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice 
Speaker: Neil Bidston
Week 7
Date: 22 November 2015
Theme: Messenger of the Gospel 
Speaker: Chris Simpkins
Week 8
Date: 29 November 2015
Theme: The Journey On
Speaker: Karen Gallagher

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Finchamstead Baptist Church
Gorse Ride North
Berkshire RG40 4ES