Going Public 

Sundays, 10.30am, 7-21 September


Going public with our faith is something we do because we want to - not because we have to or ought to! Many of us struggle to 'go public'.  Is that because we are more concerned about what other people think about us, rather than a desire to be obedient to God?


The early church, as seen in Acts, was full of people who allowed their faith to be public - they did this willingly and joyfully, even though, for many, it resulted in difficulty, persecution, oppression and death.


Part of going public is being baptised!  Click Here to find out more about baptism.

Week 1

Date: 7th September

Theme: Baptism

Speaker: Chris Simpkins


What do we mean by baptism?  This introductory session will help unpack what we mean by baptism. Jesus was baptised and he instructs us to baptise people to come to faith.  What more do we need before we take this step as his followers?


Week 2

Date: 14th September

Theme: Demonstrating your faith

Speaker: Chris Simpkins


Going public with our faith involves us acting differently to how we used to: we demonstrate the good news of Jesus through the way we live our lives and the way we treat people.  But do we?  If we are following Jesus, then the result should be that we naturally demonstrate our faith.
Week 3

Date: 21st September

Theme: Declaring your faith

Speaker: Chris Simpkins


As well as demonstrating our faith, going public also means declaring our faith and should be a natural outcome of following Jesus.  We are all called by him to share what we have seen and heard.  But why do we so often find this hard to do?  Perhaps the reason we struggle to declare our faith is because we haven't yet encountered Jesus.  We may have heard about him, but perhaps not heard from him.   

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